Poppyfield – ELYSSA Mini Dress – Daisy Corral

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Underbar kort klänning med vackert mönster. I Ecovero viskos.

An ode to a feminine style, ELYSSA is a fresh take on a short dress but with elegance in mind. The laid back silhouette defines a round neckline with a slit and blouson sleeves volumising it further. To define your natural curves, this short summer dress comes with a self-ties that can be used to highlight the small of the waist.

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Product Description

Composition : 100% Viscose EcoVero™
Size and fit : the model is 1m77 tall, and wears a S size.
Details : Rinse it with cold water and avoid wringing; instead, press the water out and lay it flat to dry. For a machine wash, turn the article upside down and place it in the mesh bag to avoid snags and tears.
Tips :To return the viscose-containing article to its original shape and length, iron it after washing. For best results, we recommend using a steam iron.

Tvätta på fintvätt 30 grader, ut och in, gärna i tvättpåse. Strykning med ånga rekommenderas efter tvätt.